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Q3Map2Toolz - win32


Q3Map2Toolz is an alternative front-end application for Ydnar's Q3Map2 to q3map2build. It is larger than it's build counterpart but for current days still small.

It's main advantage is that it has an included mapacker by Equim which greatly reduces effort in making the .pk3 files.


Homepage - Fileplanet Download


Setting up Q3Map2Toolz for Tremulous


You'll need to download the latest q3map2 first which can be found here, here or here. Extract the archive, preferably to your game tools folder (tremulous/radiant or similiar).


Run Q3Map2Toolz_setup and install as you would any program. I install it as a subdirectory of radiant usually.

When the install is done start up the configuration tool. We are going to add Tremulous to the game list. Do this by entering the settings as seen in the image below and clicking add. Close down the configuration tool and start up Q3Map2Toolz.



A window called Preferences should pop up and ask you to enter several things.

Set Game to Tremulous. If it is not in the list reenter the settings in the configuration tool and be sure to click add.

Path to tremulous.exe; pretty obvious. Point it to your tremulous.exe

Path to q3map.exe; Point this to the q3map2.exe you unzipped earlier.

Path to bspc.exe; this is for bots, which Tremulous doesn't have. Leave blank

Path to compiler log-files; Leave it at the standard setting

Click ok when all is filled in correctly and Q3Map2Toolz should now be in functional.


There should be no dependencies on runtimes but if you encounter runtime errors you can download them here.


Usage of Q3Map2Toolz compiler


The main window is split in 3 Main sections.



Topleft is the maplist from which you select the file you want to run the compile options on.


Topright are the compile settings which can be ticked on or off. If you are new it is best to use one of the presets like BSP Vis -fast Light -fast.

Whatever you do be sure to never include BSPC since Tremulous neither needs nor supports it.

Also include the BSP -custinfoparms switch since it is necessary for the nobuild properties of shaders like nohumanbuild.


Center low you can manually edit the command lines for the compiler if you wish to do so. The topright section is far handier though.


The Build button bottom right compiles the map.


Usage of the Mapacker


You can reach the Mapacker by clicking on View>Show Mapacker in the main Q3Map2Toolz window. It will automatically fill in the map you had selected in the topleft section of Toolz.

I usually tick -includemd3 and -overwrite. If you click the "Make my pk3" button it will make your pk3 in the base directory of tremulous. It is ready for use.

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