Q3Map2Build - win32


Q3Map2Build is a front-end application for Ydnar's Q3Map2 and was designed to be simple, small, and dynamic since switches for the map compiler change all the time. All the switch options are read from a file instead of hard coded, which makes it very customizable without needing the source of the program. Some features:



Homepage - Tutorial by shadowspawn - Download


Setting up Q3Map2Build for Tremulous


  1. After downloading Q3Map2Build You'll need to download the latest q3map2 which can be found here or here. Extract the archive, preferably to your game tools folder (tremulous/radiant or similiar).
  2. Run Q3Map2Build and go to "Directory Options". In the "Game Executable Location" point to your tremulous.exe, in "Q3map2.exe Location" point to the q3map2.exe that was just extracted. Save, and now open "Game Options" check the "Base Mod dir" box and in the text field type base. After saving Q3Map2Build should be functional.


If you don't have VB6 Runtimes, you can download them here. Only download runtimes if you need them, it will say when you run the program.