GtkRadiant 1.5


Getting GtkRadiant


GtkRadiant 1.5.0 is still under developement. The latest nightly build is available for download in RPM format here .

The nightly build tends to be outdated, so you can also try building the source. Instructions for doing so are at GtkRadiant1_5-Linux-Compiling .



Installing the editor


Since its an RPM file, the installation process would change depending on what distribution you are using:


For RPM based distros Here.


For Debian based distros Here.


Setting up the Editor


  1. Get the Common Files and extract them to your /tremulous/base/ folder.
  2. Download the 1.5.0 Tremulous Game files and extract the zip to your GtkRadiant 1.5.0 folder (/opt/gtkradiant/ in ubuntu).
  3. Start GtkRadiant and edit the Preferences, in the game dialog, select Tremulous.
  4. Restart the editor, a dialog to select the Engine Path should pop up. You can always change this path later in Preferences > Paths.